Empower Women

Giving survivors the authority to be themselves. Accentuating their beauty. Accepting their flaws. Portraying their amazing lives through the lens of the camera.

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With Cancer

Cancer sometimes causes women to lose their hair, their eyebrows, eyelashes and sometimes their dignity. It causes scars and it can cause deep emotional wounds. It can take away inner peace and the peace of health.

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All Types & Stages

It doesn't matter if you are stage 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4...It doesn't matter if you are actively fighting or currently, NED. All survivors, all stages, all cancers...

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The Sunshine Project

Award winning photographer, Dawn Gaddy...a breast cancer survivor herself (formerly Greyson Steele Photography) is giving back and joining forces with some incredible industry friends, makeup artists and venues - to make survivors feel amazing - if only for just one day. A day to forget that cancer exists in their world. A day to feel beautiful. Moments to remember for the rest of their lives and cherished memories for their families.


Next Steps...

If you know a deserving survivor that you would like to have honored, please message through the contact page or use the email in the lower right corner.