Pam | Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Pam was diagnosed during a routine procedure with Stage 3 pancreatic cancer. If you know how rare it is to be diagnosed at anything but stage 4 pancreatic, it’s rare. However, the cancer did progress and she is currently living NED with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Another anomaly. It’s very rare that when diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer that there is much that can be done, however, she went through treatment and is currently living No Evidence Of Disease (NED). She is an amazing soul with a beautiful 12 year old son named Jordan. She is back at work and enjoying life to it’s fullest. She had never had professional hair and makeup or a photoshoot before, so she was very unsure as to what to do, but she quickly got the hang of it… I always tell my ladies the first 5-10 minutes are awkward. I show them a few images from those few minutes and they just BLOSSOM! They are in amazement that they can look so beautiful…. then out came the shoulders, the hips and the mojo! Stella got her groove! Thank GOD for that procedure that has given her this extra time. As we know Stage 4 is hard, it can change from scan to scan. All cancer is hard… there is no guarantee. Stage 0,1,2,3. It doesn’t matter… it can move and it gets smart. It’s a scary beast, especially those living the nightmare. Most of us try to forget… and as easy as that sounds, it’s very hard to do. There are daily reminders.

Ms. Pam… you rocked your photo shoot! You are a true survivor and you were absolutely stunning! Here are a few highlights from her shoot…


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Venue: The Bottle Factory | Monroe

Hair & Makeup: Makeup Your Face | Glow Beauty & Lash


Meet Fredda | Stage 3 Triple Positive Breast Cancer Survivor

Fredda is a 41 year old survivor, married for 17 years and has 2 boys. She found out last year she had breast cancer during a routine mammogram. She was originally diagnosed stage 2, but after her surgery and node dissection, she was upstaged to stage 3. She has made a lot of lifestyle changes as many of us do after a life altering event like this. She is truly radiant, full of life and boy did she feel beautiful today! This shoot was so much fun!

Many thanks to the fabulous Jackie Greene (Next Level Makeup) for doing such a phenomenal job with Fredda! And many, many thanks to Dennis & Bart from Swan Manor for their hospitality and graciousness.

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Venue: Swan Manor (Special Event Facility)  
Hair & Makeup: Next Level Makeup (Jackie Greene)

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Fredda’s priceless reaction when she saw herself for the first time…

Regarding this following photo… Fredda posted the following post, while stressing over upcoming tests and surgery…. I just felt it was so compelling and so incredible for other women who totally “get it” to see that they are not alone, it’s ok to not be ok sometimes.

Strangely enough, this photo captures exactly how I feel now, most days…. lost and alone. I have so much to say…but no one wants to hear it. I have doubts but everyone wants me to stay positive. I have fears, but others say “you can beat this”. I grieve… not only for what I’ve lost, but the loss of things yet to come. I’m human, I’m not a warrior. I’m tired in ways you can’t imagine. I want to wake up from this strange nightmare. I’m tired of feeling numb, of going through the motions. Tired of smiling, tired of saying I’m ok. Tired of watching everyone else’s life go on while mine is stuck. Tired of waiting for my next test, my next treatment, my next appointment.
So, with all of that said…..I could use some extra prayers tomorrow for some unexpected CT scans that have to be done and then my next surgery on Tuesday. My body has been thru the ringer this last year and healing isn’t easy when all of your blood counts are low.

The stunning  Swan Manor…

Beautiful Jean Paul… resident of Swan Manor, Suzette is not shown here. Mr. Jean Paul was so photogenic and I think Suzette was just not having a great day!

Fredda is currently recovering from yet another surgery – she just had a total hysterectomy to prevent hormones from being produced in an effort to prevent her cancer from returning. Can we all please send our well wishes to Fredda. Sending you much love Miss Fredda, I hope these photos will remind you just how amazing and beautiful and strong you are!

All my love!