Anna Crollman | Empowerment Shoot

Anna is now 29 years old, a 2 year survivor from Triple Positive Breast Cancer… At 27 years old she was diagnosed… newly married and ready to start her family. A huge hiccup in her plans… but, she did not let it get her down! She’s embraced cancer, always smiling… and evoking positivity for young breast cancer survivor’s, like herself. She started her blog and Instagram following via My Cancer Chic (A wonderful resource for young ladies) On Instagram she is @mycancerchic if you’d like to follow her!

She has taken cancer on with grace, style and many tutorials – along with updates and hope for young ladies, like herself. She has had her fair share of struggles and heartache. Currently she is in medical menopause due to her Triple Positive Breast Cancer. For those of you who don’t know what that means, she is Estrogen, Progesterone and Her2 Positive, meaning all of those elements were positive in her cancer diagnosis. She has had to have chemotherapy – along with a long stint of Her2 chemotherapy treatment.

Anna is currently cancer free and living a clean lifestyle. She said during chemo she gained weight and she recently hit her pre-cancer goal! And, she looks absolutely stunning!

The Bottle Factory  in Monroe, NC hosted Anna’s empowerment shoot and it was dreamy, the light, the bokeh… all of it was absolutely perfect! We cannot thank the Bottle Factory Venue enough for allowing us to shoot there. If you haven’t looked at it for a venue for your wedding, corporate function, etc… you need to! It’s a hidden treasure in the downtown of Monroe. On a side note, I live in Monroe and I’ve opted to highlight all of the Monroe, NC venues…. this being one of them. Many thanks to Sherry Helms for allowing us this amazing opportunity!

Next Level Makeup by Jackie Greene has been kind enough to partner with myself and Makeup Your Face by Katie O’Neil and they alternate months doing glam sessions for our survivors… all FREE of charge. All of this is free to our survivors, so that is just a side note. Anyway, Jackie did Anna’s makeup on location for Anna! Amazing job! I can’t thank you enough!

Anna’s following has brought lots of exposure to The Sunshine Project both on Instagram (@dawn_gaddy) and on Facebook @sunshineprojectt – I’ve had at least five ladies reach out wanting to be a part of this. I feel so honored that they’d want to be a part! So many thanks to Anna for the exposure! I work full time in addition to doing this, so ladies bare with me… we are currently booked through October. I can only take on a couple per month so I don’t overwhelm myself and wear myself down. I’m also a stage 3 survivor… so health always has to come first!

Anna’s photos turned out amazing! I’ve acquired some new gear… and so I’ll try to keep improving over time! I wanted to first show you a photo of Anna, a personal photo taken by her during one of her treatments…. She was a stunner, even bald. She embraced it… and rocked her bald head!


Now onto her photos…. they turned out absolutely stunning!

Anna I can’t thank you enough for  making the drive from Apex to our little downtown of Monroe, NC… It was truly an honor to do this for you and empower you and make you feel beautiful. I also appreciate you stepping in on such last minute notice, filling in for our fellow survivor Brigette McLemore who just lost her fight to this awful disease. I had asked Brigette to be a part less than one month ago and she rapidly declined and could not participate. She died two days after what should have been her Empowerment Shoot. I would love to ask everyone to extend prayers and comfort to the McLemore family. Brigette was 2 years younger than me… and she leaves 2 small children behind to make sense of all of this….

Again, many thanks to The Bottle Factory Venue in Monroe, NC and Jackie Greene from Next Level Makeup!

Our next survivor is Cindy Summers from Cindy’s Hope Chest… and also while I’m in Wisconsin for a much needed family vacation, I’ll be shooting with my aunt who is also a 5 year Invasive Lobular Carcinoma survivor… Stay Tuned!


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