I hope you will find any of the answers to the questions you may have here. If not, please send me an inquiry via the contact page or my email.

How can I nominate someone to be a part of The Sunshine Project?

Simply send me a message through my contact page, as well as a short message describing their situation. If the shoot is urgent and needed soon, please understand I will do the best I can to accommodate them, however I am booked up months in advance.

Who can be a part of The Sunshine Project?

At this time I am focusing on empowering all women cancer survivors of any stage or type of cancer. If your loved one is in urgent need of a shoot, due to stage or time - please just send me a message letting me know and I will do my best to accommodate them.

Is there any cost associated with this service?

Absolutely not. This is done 100% by donation by all vendors who are participating. They will receive professional hair and makeup, either on location or at the location of the professional, pending the situation of each survivor and their capabilities. Clothing is not provided, they will be responsible to bring their own outfits the day of the shoot.