Meet Liz | Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor

Meet Liz | Elizabeth Dunlow Campbell was initially diagnosed with breast cancer over 5 years ago. She fought hard with surgery & treatment and was in remission until August 25th 2016. Around that time, Liz noticed a cough, also some chest discomfort and difficulty breathing. After some testing, sadly she learned cancer has returned. In the beginning she had fluid drained three times within 10 days to alleviate pain and allow her to breathe. The cancer has metastasized to her bones (right and left pelvic, lower spine, front of skull, and right 3rd rib) and so far she has completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy pill and hormone therapy which helped in drying up the fluid on her lungs but did not help the bony lesions.

Elizabeth has done a lot of research on natural treatments and started a high dose IV Vitamin C treatment which unfortunately insurance did not cover. These treatments she would drive to Mooresville twice a week for and cost $170 per treatment. She has changed her and the kids eating to mostly organic.

Liz has two beautiful children, Greyson, 12 and Hannah, 9. She is a Monroe girl. Most know Steve Derrick and his wife Debbie who run “Country Grill” on Hwy 601 North.
Liz has always been an extremely hard working mom. She was in school in her third semester of radiology at the time of this most recent diagnosis. Liz is a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend- she has waitressed, been a student. Always has worked hard, not a complainer, beautiful role model for all who know her.

She now needs our help to allow her to focus on fighting this fight once again. We all know someone who either is now battling or has battled this awful disease. Her mind, her focus and intensity needs to be on healing, getting better and kicking cancer once again. Her pet scan shows she is in for a battle. She’s a fighter ~ Liz is a responsible hard working mom.

The Sunshine Project | This girl really has so much fight left in her! She is trying really hard to collect the funds to have some alternative treatments done at Chipsa hospital in Mexico, as her oncologist has told her there are not a lot of options left in conventional treatment if she doesn’t see a response to her current course of treatment. I am hoping she will make some progress with her goal and I’m hoping any of you that may see this, might help her to achieve it…

This is a non-profit organization, however, I would like to post Liz’ personal GoFundMe, so that if you would like to contribute.. you can. She would be eternally grateful! Elizabeth Dunlow Campbell’s Alternative Treatment Fund

I hadn’t met Liz until we did her Henna, we’ve been Facebook friends for awhile …as I encountered her via a friend, who posted about her journey some time back)! Upon meeting her I was really taken aback… in photos she looks vibrant and full of life. In person, she is all of that…. but she is struggling to breathe – photos do not show that side. She could barely catch her breath when we first saw each other, she was going later in the day to have the fluid drawn from her lungs. (On a side note, it amazes me… she will have the fluid drawn off and later will be at one of her kids meets or games).

She was so excited for her shoot the next day, but expressed that she hadn’t ever had a shoot like this… and she was a bit nervous. She had her makeup done and expressed she is not used to wearing so much makeup… and I assured her, in photos… it will be amazing! And it was…. The next day, we had our shoot… and at the end of the shoot, she expressed so much to me and still thinking about it, it just gives me chills…. She expressed how she has been struggling over the past weeks, she felt like she’d lost her hope…. she had so much to look forward to, she was going to school and cancer crept back in… she mentioned how down she has been recently and she felt like she’d fallen into a dark place and then she had this shoot to look forward to…. and she started to tear up and expressed her gratitude.

I’m so grateful to be able to do this for her and for all the deserving ladies, battling this wretched disease. I am also so grateful that it means so much to you… Liz. I just want to see you thrive and start feeling better!  If this gave you the tiniest bit of satisfaction and even a few moments to forget about this disease, my job is done. And… you looked stunning and rocked this shoot!

Venue: Victorian Crows Nest

Henna: Neelam’s Henna Tattoo

Makeup Artist: Makeup Your Face


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