Meet Mary | 2X Breast Cancer Survivor

Meet Mary… (In her own words)…

Mary has been married for 28 years with two amazing sons, and a flourishing interior design business. Mary’s first diagnosis, in SITU, was in 2007, discovered from a mammogram. No chemo, no radiation, just surgery, it returned stage 2, in 2009, discovered by self-examination. With the help of her Breast Cancer Angel (who later perished from the disease in 2010), her family and friends, Mary endured the chemo, surgery and radiation throughout 2009. During 2009, she worked her business between treatments. After this she began recovery and reclaiming her life. Today, after 21 years she still runs her business making warm welcome homes for her clients and friends. With only a few minor lifestyle changes, she is flourishing and enjoying travels between interior decorating projects. Her family, just as before, is still her love and focus. That is between enjoying and drinking up every day of life. She is passionate about supporting her sisters that have survived or are fighting this horrible disease.

I always ask the ladies to write a little bio about themselves…

I think Mary is pretty amazing, having battled twice… and I know this offers hope to other ladies out there who may be battling as well… She is 7 years cancer free!!! Let’s pray that it stays that way!

Let’s look at a few of her photos from her shoot…

Venue: The Bottle Factory | Monroe

Hair & Makeup: Next Level Makeup | Jackie Greene

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